Fuertebike: over 1.000 cyclists race around the countryside of La Oliva

The plan to combine sports, gastronomy and tourism is still harvesting successes in the municipality of La Oliva in [...]

Majorero creations based on quality and local products

The 2nd Paladea La Oliva fair recently took place in Corralejo including thirteen of the best restaurants of [...]

Hellish course of the V Xtreme Race Antigua for over one hundred courageous athletes

Every participant who reached the finishing line of the V Xtreme Race Antigua was a champion after overcoming a [...]

Lime ovens: new tourism itinerary

The Ayuntamiento of La Oliva is working on a new tourism itinerary to complement the already rich cultural and [...]

La Oliva's embroidery and culture, presented during the Handicraft Fair of Pinolere

Fuerteventura's handicraft making and culture and more specifically from the municipality of La Oliva were [...]

Halotherapy: Natural therapy with salt from the Himalaya

It is a pure treatment providing 100 % natural relief recommended for children from 3 years old onwards [...]

Therapeutic uses of marine mud (I)

Marine Mud has been used since Antiquity to treat all kinds of joint and skin [...]

Rheumatism: one name, 100 faces

I have rheumatism... this is what most people say, but this word represents more than one hundred different cases [...]

Papas Antiguas de Canarias: gastronomy heritage of the islands

The archipelago has a legendary root vegetable of priceless value for gastronomy. Papas [...]

What do we talk about when we talk of em-broidery and subversive weaving

The history of embroidery has been used as a narrative tool by women from various gen [...]

Oral health campaign

Our pets’ health starts in their mouth; this is where the food is chewed, which has to be done [...]

Nortysur inaugurate their exterior image for the Autumn-Winter season

NORTYSUR HOGAR in Risco Prieto just inaugurated their new shopfront and the [...]

Padilla Supermercados - SPAR inaugurate a new shop in El Cotillo

Padilla Supermercados – Spar have recently announced the opening of a new shop at C/3 de Abril de 1979 Nº 90 in [...]

The soul of Tacande

The legend we are talking about today dates back to 1628, but over the past few years, it has [...]

“Blue is the colour that embellishes the new season”

of compositions and styles when used with other colours. We can [...]

Autumn starts with shorter days and longer nights

When October starts, Autumn is already here: the days become shorter and shorter and the nights get longer, making easier to [...]

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