Fuerteventura's Cabildo's Government group meets with the Island's mayors

The president of Fuerteventura's Cabildo, Blas Acosta, together with the rest of the government team had a first [...]

The Youth Council continues with the Fuerteventura Joven 2019 programme

One of the Youth Council of Fuerteventura's Cabildo's main objectives is to develop projects for the Island's Youth [...]

About twenty people learn how to make their on-line sales’ project profitable

About twenty people participated last month in the second workshop on e-commerce that was animated by Edgar [...]

Beginning of the conversion of the reservoirs of Veneno and Redondo into the interpretation centre of La Ruta del Agua

La Oliva's Ayuntamiento has started the rehabilitation work on the reservoirs of Veneno and Redondo in order to [...]

A total of 165 children participate in the Perinquén 2019 Summer Camp

The Campamento Perinquén summer camp was back again this summer in Fuerteventura. This time, a total of 165 [...]


InterviewHospitran - Virginia, Ainara and Miriam the « doctors »

We met with Virginia Moratinos who is Dr. Canica, Ainara Febles who is [...]


InterviewPaloma Hernández -
Senator of Fuerteventura for the Socialist Party

We met with Paloma Hernández who has been elected senator [...]


InterviewLa Oliva - a tripartite system

La Oliva has experienced some changes for this new term. In addition to Nueva Canarias and [..]

Wear a healthy suntan this summer!

Cueva de sal offer a suntan that is 100% natural, elaborated from sugar cane for their clients who want to respect [...]

Sea solids: The research of Dr Maynard Murray (II)

Dr Murray through his research came to the conclusion that our agricultural soil, and, [...]

Summer suntan without side effects

Sunbathing on the beach...This is for most people the quintessence of successful holidays. But our skin tans in order [...]


Prepare your holidays in the Canaries with children!

Holidays are the most awaited time of the year by millions of people and finding ....

What do we talk about when we talk about what women fear

Fear is a state, a sensation of anxiety due to the presence ...

Pedro Perico

The legend says that around the year 1500, on the island of Lanzarote a large [...]


Strolling, enjoying and sharing small pleasures, discovering new [...]

In August, the Perseids return

The clear August nights share kinder temperatures [...]

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How can I protect my property if it has been occupied by a neighbour for three years?

According to the jurisprudence (SSTS de 13/12/1999 y 28/9/1999), a claim action is [...]