The Tourism Quality Council proposes the renewal of the SICTED label for 16 establishments on the island

Fuerteventura's Tourism Quality Council agreed last month to propose to the State Secretary of the Ministry of [...]

Pájara presents its pottery workshops during the 32nd Island Craft Fair

The Ayuntamiento of Pájara, with its Culture Council, dedicated its stand at the 32nd Island Craft Fair of [...]

Doña Josefa Navarro, winner of the Island Craft Prize: we must all defend the future of traditional craft making

In May, as scheduled, Doña Josefa Navarro Montesdeoca received the 2019 Fuerteventura Island Craft Prize that [...]

Pupils discover the Emergencies and Rescue Services in Fuerteventura

Technicians from the General Department of Safety and Emergencies of the Canarian Government presented their [...]

Success of the 1st World Encounter of Capoeira Mestre Paulo dos Anjos

Over 500 people gathered in Gran Tarajal because of their common interest: to discover and enjoy capoeira. The [...]

The Cabildo promotes the projects presented by AECA...

Fuerteventura's Cabildo is supporting the proposals from the Association of Businesses and Shopkeepers from [...]

Success of the activities organised for “Entre Letras y Música” in the municipality of Pájara

The Cabildo of Fuerteventura invested around 190.000 Euros in 49 small and medium-size businesses of the Island in [...]

Fuerteventura hosts the ANJOCA Golf Cup Tournament

The island hosted in May another brilliant edition of the ANJOCA Golf Cup, an event organised by Hoteles Elba, [...]

Experience and commitment ensure the success of the 32nd edition of the Island Craft Fair of Fuerteventura 2019

The 32nd Island Craft Fair gathered as many visitors as in previous editions who came to enjoy numerous [...]


InterviewAntonio Sánchez Santana -
Creator of the association of Majuelo Vine growers

He was the creator of the Association of Vine Growers AQF Majuelo and its president for a few years and [...]


InterviewJuan Estárico - Councillor of Agriculture, Livestock and Fishing at the Cabildo of Fuerteventura

With the approaching 32nd edition of the FEAGA fair, we met with the Agriculture, Livestock and Fishing [..]

Laser hair removal

The laser is an extraordinary precise equipment that consist of small diodes and semi-conductors [...]

Marine solids. Research from Dr Maynard Murray (I)

Dr Maynard Murray was a biochemist, scientific researcher and doctor specialised in [...]

Thinking helps

Bigger, higher, faster, more..., intuitively, we react to incentives that should make us go further, [...]

Heat and sports outdoors: take some precautions

With the arrival of the heat, practising sports outdoors is more and more common. Often, [...]


Traditional music, songs and dances of the Canary Islands

Small in size, the timple canario hides a long story. It is made of wood, with strings and is pear-shaped. ....

What do we talk about when we use the word BITCH

If we sat around a table with a group of friends enjoying ourselves ...

The arrival of the Kings' Virgin

Reality or fiction. History or legend. Discover the Canary Islands through the tales that have been passed on from generation to generation until now. [...]

Exterior design...

It looked like summer was going to be dominated by decorations of all [...]

The great constellations of Spring

The beginning of June sees the great constellations of Spring shining in the night sky, many of them [...]

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I am facing a mortgage execution. What are the news regarding the clause of anticipated expiry date?

The mortgage execution is the procedure that allows for a house to be auctioned because of non [...]