Over one million Euros invested in the businesses of Fuerteventura

The director of Economical Promotion from the Canarian Government, Cristina Hernández, pointed out [...]

The association Limpiaventura joins the Aliados de la Biosfera

The Cabildo, adds another member to its team of the Aliados de la Bisofera (Allies of the Biosphere). The [...]

17 home owners who are not connected to the electricity network will get electricity through renewable energies

Fuerteventura's Cabildo, with the Council of Industry has organised for home owners who are not [...]

The Environment department creates a plan of preservation of the opilión of the Cave of El Llano

The Council of Territorial Politics, Sustainability and Safety of the Canarian Government with the Deputy [...]

Fam Trip of British Luxury Agents in Fuerteventura

A group of British travel agents specialised in the luxury sector came to the island to discover the best [...]

A turtle recovered in Morro Jable after being caught in nets is released at sea

Technicians from the Environment Department of the Cabildo recently released on the beach of Butihondo a turtle that has been [...]

The Chamber of Commerce invites businesses to “think global”

"We must choose a global vision in order to take advantage of the opportunities of the market that is [...]

IV Baifo Extreme: an exceptional sports' event

The organising team of the fourth Baifo Extreme, created by La Oliva's Ayuntamiento and Club Al Máximo [...]

The project “Sigue la música” is back in Fuerteventura

From 14th November until 5th December and with the collaboration of Fuerteventura's Cabildo ''Sigue la [...]

The chemist of Gran Tarajal is the first to obtain the SICTED 2018 award

Four establishments in Fuerteventura received recently the diploma that confirms the label of Integral [...]

The Indian-Hispanic community extends the celebration of the Diwali Ball in Fuerteventura

The Hotel Elba Carlota, in Caleta de Fuste, became for the third consecutive year, the venue in [...]

Inauguration of the new Art School in Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura's art school is now a reality. The president of the Canarian Government, Fernando Clavijo, [...]

The excavations of San Buenaventura uncover clues showing that they could find yet unknown remains

The convent of San Buenaventura is one of the most important historical sites that are preserved at [...]

Exhibition of Nuria del Pino in the Museum of Salinas del Carmen

The inauguration of the exhibition called ''Entre silencios'' (between silences) from the artist Nuria del [...]


SocietyJosé Pellise - Handcraft maker
with copper

Born in Cornellá de Llobregat, José Pellise, known as “Pep”, ended up settling in Fuerteventura and developed a nice copper handcraft workshop.[..]


CultureMoisés Jorge - Director of the Tourism
Board of Fuerteventura

The perspectives for the British market for 2019 are better than anticipated [..]

Origins of urinary infection

Acupuncture is a safe and efficient technique during pregnancy and after also. [...]

Homoeopathy treasures: Pulsatilla

An essential treasure at home, especially in winter and if you have children: [...]

The nose shower with sea water

The yogi tradition has been using for centuries the nose shower called Jala Neti, [...]

Start the new year in good health

Until recently, the usual blood pressure taken with the armband was able to provide [...]


Origin and history of the turrón and polvorones

The typical Christmas sweets hide very curious stories [...]


Delicious Christmas... also for people suffering from Coeliac disease!

Ideas and suggestions to organise the menus for those special celebrations....

Advantages of family constellations

In every family, there are facts that have a strong impact on all the family of sports.

What do we talk about when we talk about equality? (II)

The 8th International Fuerteventura Tran Tran Clown Festival will take place in Gran Tarajal from 21st until 23rd September...

The arrival of the healthy Christmas hamper

Healthy is the trend. It isn't a modern expression, nor a whim of the market. For sure, health and ...

Casandra's tree

Reality or fiction. History or legend. Discover the Canary Islands through the tales that have been passed on from generation to generation until now. [...]

Golden Christmas

Fabrics are unique when it comes to transmitting sensations. To create . [...]

In December: Dark sky with first quarter Moon

The month of December is marked by the Winter Solstice, which this year falls on the 21st. This was [...]

Legal consulting


Legal Consulting

What happened with the tax on mortgages, the abusive clauses and the sentence from the Supreme Tribunal? [...]

AMADI inaugura su Centro de Trabajo en la zona sur

Kamala kafe represents the respect of healthy lifestyle and intolerances

We met with Alessandro Fusero and Veronica Thaler so that they could tell us more about the concept they have developed in Kamala kafe