The Historic Heritage Council from the Canaries gives its approval for the extension of the BIC delimitation of the Tindaya Mountain

The plenary session of the Historic Heritage Council of the Canaries, that took place in March, gave its approval, based on the technical presentation included in article 32.1 of the Cultural Heritage Law of the Canaries, for the modification of the [...]

Fuerteventura’s Chamber of Commerce and the National Federation of Associations for Self-employed workers, work together

Juan Jesús Rodríguez Marichal, president of Fuerteventura’s Chamber of Commerce, and Lorenzo Amor, president of the National Federation of Associations for Self-employed workers, signed a cooperation agreement, in March. With this [...]

An “apañada” is organised in honour of the shepherd Pedro Alonso

On March 4th, an “apañada” (when goats are rounded up) was organised in honour of Pedro Ismael Alonso Cabrera, founding member of the Mal Nombre Association. Around 300 people, neighbours and representatives of the authorities met [...]

22 establishments in Fuerteventura revalidate their commitment to tourism quality with the SICTED label distinction

The president of Fuerteventura’s Cabildo and director of the Cabildo’s Tourism Department, Sergio Lloret, presented the distinctions from the Integral System of Tourism Quality in Destination (SICTED) promoted by the Tourism [...]

The new mental health residence of Puerto del Rosario is up for tender

The new mental health residence of the municipality will soon be built in calle Aragón, in Puerto del Rosario. The start budget for the project has been approved at almost 4 million Euros and offers shall be presented over the next 30 days. The project consists of a mental health residence for [...]

Fuerteventura’s General Hospital and the island’s health centres receive their certifications from the IHAN Initiative

Nurses and midwives from Fuerteventura’s General Hospital and the Island’s Health Centres, registered with the Health Council of the Canarian Government, received, last month, in [...]

The Manuel Velázquez Cabrera seminar pays tribute to the Majorero (from Fuerteventura) author as a creator of the Cabildos

In March, the programme of activities of the fourth edition of the Manuel Velázquez Cabrera seminar on the Administration’s History was presented. This is a collaboration project [...]

Majorero presence at the I International Forum concerning Marine Waste and Circular Economy in the islands

A large Majorero (from Fuerteventura) delegation, led by the AVANFUER association participated, last month,in the I International Forum on Marine Waste and Circular Economy in the Islands. The I Foro Marlice Islands 2023 gathered an impressive team of international experts from the islands [...]

We are as young as we feel

There are no obvious symptoms, no examinations, and no prevention: until we get to 50 years of age, it seems like everything is fine, and suddenly, we feel that we have less muscular strength, that both our physical stamina and coordination are weaker and erectile problems start appearing [...]

Irresistible Majorero Delicacies: machanga, frangollo, fachenda and cheese puffs

The Majorero (from Fuerteventura) gastronomy is as varied as the island's fauna and flora. The qualities of its soil, its first quality raw material, the special aromas and nuances of its endemic products and the legacy of gastronomy that has [...]

Fuerteventura, a refuge for endemic, protected and migratory species

A multitude of animal species, some of them native to the Maxorata island, live on land, at sea and in the air. A fauna that populates the second largest island of the Canaries, since the earliest times, and that survives in its original habitat [...]

Tales... “How I met da Vinci”

The phone rings and they ask me: Are you a family member of...? That was already worrying and they continue... I am calling you from the Hospital... That's when my anxiety got worse, until after almost 30 seconds of that heart [...]

Hit the ground!

In times of war, it is normal to hear the expression “hit the ground” to avoid the consequences of a bomb, grenade or gunshots close to us. We are going through a period of well-being, which means that it has been a long time since we experienced war itself [...]

Mayte Ramírez – Events and Group Manager for the R2 Hotel Chain

“We can look after all kinds of events: from a wedding, communion or baptism to a company event” [...]

Cristina Rey Agra and Tarik Bouti, owners of Restaurante 555

“We have moved, but the menu remains the same” [...]

April has arrived and we can enjoy the days getting longer

The month starts with the Moon in Waxing Gibbous phase, already dominating the night sky. We will lose many of the faintest stars under her glare but still the almighty stars of Orion shine bright, along with Arcturus, Sirius and Capella. The Full Moon rises on the 6th day. This is the first Full Moon after the Spring Equinox and for this reason is known as the Paschal Full Moon, an important date if you celebrate Easter [...]


Originally a greenhouse is a space that is destined to plantations and growing mostly exotic and tropical plants. Nowadays they are being rehabilitated by being used as places where to dream and keep dreams filled with magic and enchantment. Putting a greenhouse in our garden can become a decorative item and a very attractive space where we can [...]