“Blue is the colour that embellishes the new season”
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“Luxurious and comfortable interiors”

With winter in full flow, new textures become more present and create a warmer and cosier ambience. Textures that until recently were used in other sectors such as fashion, clothes and food packaging (flour or vegetable sacks…) such as hand made materials with natural fibres such as wool, thread, sackcloth. It is time to get to work and start weaving and gathering those fabrics used in packaging and fill our spaces with original accessories.

The cloth used for sacks, with old fashioned prints is more and more used for tapestries, to cover cushions and more even in public spaces. Using the best of the past and introducing it in modern spaces is the objective of the new year in interior decorating. Gathering the fabrics used by our grandmothers is the new trend. Lace, crochet, silver and crystal bring harmony and tradition, not forgetting the mirrors with elaborated carved frames that make spaces look larger, make the rooms look prettier and bring elegance and sophistication. One of the greatest achievements in interior design is the walls that talk for themselves by covering them in wood, luxurious and textured wallpapers that bring style and elegance. Traditional hand made and authentic items are back in fashion, they have history, something to say. They are the witnesses of a love story and bring harmony in the space they occupy. Magic and romantic, candles are indispensable in all sizes and in groups, but always in one colour only, they create the perfect result for those winter evenings.

Fedra Ramos - Arquitecta de interiores Miembro de: IFI (Federación Internacional de Arquitectos de Interior) ECIA (European Council of Interior Architects) Colegio Oficial de Decoradores y Diseñadores de Interior de Canarias