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March 2020 2.00

The health sector improves the cardiology attention in Fuerteventura's Primary health care

The Directors of the Health Services in Fuerteventura have initiated a new service in their cardiology services on the island. The new initiative consists of creating a process of telematic inter-consultations between Primary health care and hospital specialists in Fuerteventura's health services. Cardiology inter-consultations that started being put into practice at the end of January allow the doctors in Primary health care to create the proposal of an inter-consultation with a specialist through the application of the Electronic Clinical History of the Canarian Health Service. To date, 27 patients have benefited of this type of consultation that has the advantage of being received in real time and the cardiologist can manage the consultation and provide a response to the doctor of Primary health care that made the request. This initiative will improve the system by bringing more flexibility in the process of appointments in a faster, simpler and more flexible manner in order to interact with the hospital specialists. The board of directors of Fuerteventura's Health Services has already included in the circuit all the hospital specialities, which provides more guarantees of consultations for the specialists in Family Medicine as well as for the other specialities.

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