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January 2020 2.00

Africagua is more and more tri-continental

The event can be summed up by the following figures: Institutions or commercial representation from 17 countries from three continents, 80 businesses that participated in the B2B meetings and over 100 meetings between the different organisations. But Africagua is much more than that. Morocco, as guest country, explained their strength and their strong commitment to renewable energies, Costa Rica explained the tourism and defence of the environment pair they have achieved with their zero-carbon print. Cape Verde, Senegal, Mauritania, Guinea or Ghana explained their worries and intentions during the first day when the wisest countries from the African continent presented their intentions and commitments to clean energies. The Canarian project, Garona del Viento, has shown that it is the best example on the islands of global energy management. In the end, all the speakers confirmed the strong commitment of part of the society to improve the quality of life of people thanks to clean energies. World Bank The European Commission, the World Bank, the African Bank for Development, the United Nations, the Rockefeller group, the Spanish Economy and Commercial Office in Washington, the European bank for Rebuilding and Development, the Spanish Company of Financing for the Development (COFIDES), the Center for Technological Industrial Development are the organisations that are directly linked with the search for financial models for various projects related to this type of initiatives. They are also indispensable allies that contribute and point out the importance of this Business Encounter that is already consolidated on the island of Fuerteventura. Manuel Luengo, representing the World Bank, qualified the encounter as “a bridge that is connecting the Canaries and the countries from the continent, which is not just a cultural bridge, but also a business bridge which means that Canarian businesses can go to the continent with better knowledge and vice versa. African institutions and businesses can have more adequate knowledge of the advantages that Canarian businesses can provide”. Hub between three continents Africagua was born to connectthe world with Africa through the Canaries by promoting clean and non-polluting energies. This continent has important natural resources, which is put into perspective in order to create wealth and sustainable development while respecting the ecosystems. The situation of the islands has incorporated new actors to the various programmes of Africagua. America, Southern and Northern, gives the encounter an Atlantic feel, tri-continental, the key to open a multitude of factors of encounter. Juan Jesús Marichal, from the Exterior Commerce Department of the Chamber of Commerce of Fuerteventura and one of the great promotors of Africagua, admits that this event “is a great way to meet friends, members, institutions, solutions and mostly opportunities that can and should take place in this context, which is already tri-continental. We are in the appropriate place for those relationships and we can't miss out on this opportunity. On the other hand, there is another opportunity, which is the moral requirement to find energies that are healthier for the planet. Thanks to those encounters, we can also participate in the effort for a cleaner future”.