Local News Fuerteventura
January 2020 2.00

160.000 Euros for the installation of pontoons in the harbour of El Cotillo

The council for Public Projects, Transports and Housing of the Canarian Government has recently agreed to equip the harbour of El Cotillo with pontoons, a project that represents an investment of 160.257 Euros and will take five months to be completed. The harbour of El Cotillo's main activity is small size fishing boats that have individual moorings through underwater cables and chains. Thanks to this project, those mooring lines will be replaced by pontoons, which will improve the facilities and optimise the space in order to increase the number of berths if required. The project consists of three pontoons that will provide a total of 50 berths. One of them is designed to fit up to 13 six-metre-long boats and another ten berths for eight-metre-long boats. The other two pontoons will fit 13 eight-metre-long boats for one and 14 six-metre-longboats on the other. The company DIDEIN SL will create the pontoons with wood or resin surface laid on aluminium structures that will be fitted onto floating devices. They will then be transported to El Cotillo where the pontoons will be installed on pylons that will be first attached to the harbour floor.