Local News Fuerteventura
January 2020 2.00

Announcement of the grants for the development of fishing and maritime initiatives on the island

The Cabildo, with the Group of Coastal Action of Fuerteventura, has announced the opening of the applications for grants for the Strategy of Local Development for fishing and maritime activities on the island of Fuerteventura (BOS n° 230 of 27 11 2019). Applications can be presented until 28 01 2020. Those grants are financed through the European Maritime and Fishing Fund and by the Canarian Autonomous community. A total of 331.484 Euros will be distributed as follows: 116.019 Euros for 2020 and 215.464 Euros for 2021. The activities that qualify are should have the following objectives: Promote socioeconomic development on the island through the increase of competitiveness and innovation, business ventures, improvement of working opportunities and economic diversification, within or outside of the fishing and aquaculture sector. Improve competitiveness and valorisation of fishing and aquaculture products. Promote and improve health, hygiene, work and safety conditions of the fishing and aquaculture sector. Training and education in the maritime and fishing sector. Promote equality of working opportunities in access, longevity and promotion in the fishing sector and promote business ventures amongst women. Preserve the marine and coastal environment in a good state thanks to planning, preservation, protection and improvements. Contribute to the fight against climate change: energy efficiency, mitigation and adaptation to the climate change. Promote and support the access for people with dependencies to the enjoyment of any professional, leisure or sports activity to be developed on the coastal areas. Take advantage and put emphasis on the cultural and natural heritage of the material and immaterial coastal, maritime and fishing resources. Reinforce communities in the local development and governing of fishing resources and local maritime activities. Profitable activities will be financed at a maximum of 60% and a maximum of 85% for investments linked to traditional coastal fishing or for the development of fishermen's guilds or associations that have a collective interest. Social activities of collective interestwill be financed up to 50% of the project, a maximum of 90% for investments that benefit directly to the fishing or aquaculture sectors and 100% if the project has innovative characteristics on a local level. Individuals and businesses can benefit from those grants, as well as official fishermen's organisations, public entities and nonprofit associations. Requests should be presented at the entry registry at the Group Office in Calle Lucha Canaria, nº 112, de Puerto del Rosario (Building of Agriculture, Livestock and Fishing of Fuerteventura's Cabildo). For more information, contact 928 53 12 03 or send an e-mail to fuerteventuragac@gmail.com. The bases that rule those grants are published in the Official Bulletin of the Canaries n° 35 of Monday 19th February 2018.