Medical advice from doctor H.B. Bludau, specialist in internal medicine

Strengthen your immune system to prevent a cold

Cough, cold, hoarseness, have you suffered from one of those this winter already? Therefore, you are part of the millions of people who are fighting against the consequences of a viral infection. Generally, we can't avoid contact with viruses of the cold, especially during the cold season, when many people share enclosed spaces. There are over 200 different types of viruses that can cause a cold. Therefore, there isn't a vaccineagainst it and the flu vaccine only protects against the real flu. However, we can strengthen our immune system and prevent a cold.

This is how we can prevent a cold

Take moderate exercise during the season of colds or go out and walk regularly in the fresh air. As our immune system needs vegetal substances, vitamins, minerals and oligo-elements, we need to eat a lot of vegetables such as red peppers, carrots, tomatoes and fish also. Sleep regularly and sufficiently. Like relaxing naps during daily stress, this reinforces our immune system. If you haven't caught a cold yet, go to the sauna as prevention, because the temperature change from hot to cold stimulates the immune system. The cold viruses stick to objects, therefore, we need to wash our hands regularly and properly so that pathogens don't enter our nose or mouth. If possible, don't smoke and drink alcohol with moderation as it weakens our immune system. Look after yourselves during the cold season!