Local News Fuerteventura
March 2020

The Cabildo organises an encounter with the social fabric

Fuerteventura's Cabildo with its Social Wellbeing Council organised the first work meeting of 2020 on the 10th of February with the different entities that make up the social fabric of the island of Fuerteventura within the events of the Island Social Forum. The island's council, managed by Víctor Alonso, invited various associations of the social fabric of the public health sectors of the island, as a follow-up to the Social Forum that took place on the 30th of November 2019. This initiative was organised and carried out by Fuerteventura's Cabildo “to organise activities that promote cohesion within the island's social fabric through active participation”, indicated the Cabildo's president, Blas Acosta. On the other hand, as the councillor explained, “the institutions' collaboration with the associations of the third sector is necessary and this is why the Cabildo makes efforts to support all those non-profit entities that provide a response to a multitude of latent necessities on the island and that affect directly a large part of our society”. Considering the public health necessities “we cannot look the other way because it is the responsibility of everyone to improve our future”, added Víctor Alonso.

Ayuntamiento La Oliva