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The film “Hombres de leche” starts its shooting in Fuerteventura

The first feature film of David Pantaleón, defined as a modern western that takes place almost entirely in Fuerteventura was presented last month in the old wrestling ground of Tefía with the recording of what will be the beginning of the film “Hombres de leche”, with the presence of the nearly 200 extras from the island, the team of the producers Volcano Films, as well as the director and the authorities. The film benefits from the support of the Film Commission Fuerteventura through the Culture Council of Fuerteventura's Cabildo. The main theme is based on the classic tale of the rivalry between brothers (Cain and Abel) and the efforts of men to use the animal power of nature for their own benefit or damnation. All this, mixed with elements that concern humanity as a whole, whatever its origins, ideology or religion. The deputy president and Culture and Historical Heritage Councillor of the Island's Cabildo, Andrés Briansó, expressed that he was grateful for the “collaboration of the almost 200 extras who were gathered for one of the most important days of the shooting of “Hombres de leche”, and for the heart of this film, the Director David Pantaleón, the producer of Volcano Films, Sebastián Álvarez and Manuel Velázquez, co-scriptwriter of the production”. He also wanted to “thank them for choosing Fuerteventura as the link for this thrilling story, that is filmed with care, sensitivity and that also clashes with the strength of its message that is related to the protection of the environment and animal kind. A story that is very intimate with a very strong message. All this with a theme that is very close to the island, where the landscapes are a very important part of the shooting”. The Director of “Hombres de leche”, David Pantaleón, commented that “it is a film that aims at transmitting filial love above material assets. We chose the island of Fuerteventura because it is the goat-island by excellence and it is also where industrial dairy production takes place, which is internationally recognised for its cheeses”. Manuel Velázquez, co-scriptwriter, indicated that “after seven years of work, being here is dream-like. We have searched for the contrast between the old/traditional world that blends in with the new world, eolian, touristic. Those worlds get mixed and clash and generate a peculiar feeling of the world we live in”. For the producer of Volcano Films, Sebastián Álvarez, “we are very happy to be in Fuerteventura and we believe that there will never be a film as Majorero as this one, or not for a long time. Over the past four weeks, we have travelled on the island, starting to shoot in the south of the island, passing through the Mirador de los Canarios and finishing in Majanicho”. He thanked the Ministry of Culture as well as Televisión Autonómica de Canarias RTVC, the Canarian Government and the collaboration of Fuerteventura's Cabildo and the ayuntamientos of Puerto del Rosario and La Oliva.