Antigua's Local Police recruits agents

The Ayuntamiento has announced that there are vacancies in the safety forces in the municipality. Antigua's municipality needs more agents for the Local Police forces and is recruiting. The announcement is public and aimed at all the agents from other local administrations who would be interested in asking for a transfer to Antigua's Local Police forces. People interested can get more information from the Ayuntamiento by calling on 928 878 004, ext 223 or by calling the Local Police on 928 878 024. The transfer requests for the vacancies in Antigua's Local Police force should be presented through the Registry of Entries at Antigua's Ayuntamiento or at the Town Hall of Caleta de Fuste.


New Ordinance for Rustic Land eliminating the regular taxes due

The new Municipal Ordinance in Antigua regarding Rustic Land reduces the taxes due for ordinary use by individuals in order to promote livestock breeding, agriculture, as well as the building of homes, tool sheds, barns, etc. Since last month, the Ayuntamiento will only request taxes on rustic land in the municipality for buildings that require a declaration of public or social interest such as projects of island or autonomous interest.

Antigua's pilot, Aníbal Hernández, wins the XXIX Dirt Rallye Championship in Fuerteventura

The Ayuntamiento congratulated the magnificent results obtained this season by Antigua's pilot, Aníbal Hernández and his son, Jonathan, the co-pilot who, after winning the XXX Rallye of La Oliva, won the XXIX Dirt Rallye Championship of Fuerteventura and are ranked second in the Championship of the Canaries. They also pointed out the track record of the Mitsubishi Evo VIII team, piloted and co-piloted by Aníbal and Jonathan Hernández, from the Club Deportivo Fuertemotor, whose achievements and triumphs represent the quality on the regional level of those pilots.

Antigua puts an end to the payment for travel and residents' Statements and Certificates

The Ayuntamiento has announced that from the 13th November, the Ayuntamiento will send free of charge the certificates of residency (padron) as well as for statements regarding various procedures requested such as debt statements, external signs, cohabitation or surveys. This is the first time that the Ayuntamiento is adopting this measure that will represent a financial gain for the population but will also reduce the waiting time at the department of Municipal Revenue Department, where those payments had to be made, and then the wait required again at the Municipal Registry where those documents were sent.