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February 2020 2.00

Ian Lorenzo – Young Majorero artist

“With time and practice, I have created my own style”

A painting exhibition was inaugurated at the end of January in the House of Culture of Puerto del Rosario, which will remain open until the 13th of February. The artist, Ian Lorenzo, is a young Majorero whose personality is expressed through his creations. We wanted to find out more about Ian Lorenzo and went to meet him at his exhibition.

When did your passion for painting start?

I wasn't a very good student, but I saw very early that I was good at drawing and at school in the different classes I discovered that I liked it, it was something that calmed me down and my creations used to draw attention. It is at ESO that I decided to dedicate myself to it and I took art for my A levels. I loved it and everything went well until I went to University. As studying wasn't my strength, I gave up and started working in various activities, not related to painting. But I carried on painting in my spare time.

Did you not have lessons after that?

No, I didn't, with time I created my own style by practising, painting what I liked and according to how I felt.

All your paintings are in black and white with grey tones, what materials do you use?

I work with tempera, graphite, etc.

Do you specialise in portraits?

Yes, mostly and for each one I try to give it a different touch, apart from the expression of the look, I ensure that the rest around it brings different emotions to the observer.

Can you live from your paintings?

Not yet, but it is my objective and my dream.

Have you exhibited outside of the island?

Yes, I have, but always with associations, I exhibited in Madrid, Barcelona and Badajoz.

When did you start getting known by the public?

It first started online, on various sites and the traditional social networks like Facebook, Instagram, etc., and then on other sites specialised in art. This is my second exhibition and although it is slow, I believe that I am progressing.

You said that this was your favourite picture, why is that?

It is my self-portrait with my cat that represents a very melancholic time of my life. I felt very isolated and misunderstood, almost depressed and thanks to painting and by concentrating on it, I managed to pull out of this state.

We invite our readers to visit the exhibition that is open from 9 am until 2 pm and from 5:30 pm to 8 pm so that they can see for themselves the potential of this young artist. We wish him great success for the future and professionally.