The Ayuntamiento gives a second life to the rests from pruning for their use in agriculture and by transforming them into compost

The Ayuntamiento of La Oliva, with its Environment Council, has recently been working on the removal and treatment of vegetal rests accumulated during the pruning process in the municipality. Until now, the rests from pruning were simply buried, but now the Ayuntamiento wants to change the mentality on an environmental point of view and a good way to do it is to give a second life to this vegetal waste. The shredded vegetal waste is an organic material that has various uses, such as oxygenating soil in fields, especially for clay soil, for animal padding in barns or to retain humidity and prevent weeds in fruit tree plantations. People interested to get some for their own agricultural or livestock farming use can request some by sending an e-mail to


Success in the organisation, participation and public attendance for the Baifo Extreme 2019

Over 400 fearless participants were on the start line in Corralejo last month for the fifth edition of the Baifo Extreme as well as another hundred children for the Baifito Extreme. They all enjoyed a sports' event that thanks to the efforts of the organisers, has made its reputation on the panorama of the obstacle races in the Canaries. The race delivered what was expected on the difficulty level as only 21 out of the 70 registered athletes managed to complete the 38 obstacles of the new Elite category. The winners who managed to step on the podium were Marouane Berradia, Joel Santana and Yeray Cabrera, in the feminine Elite category, the few warriors who attempted it didn't manage to complete the last obstacle, the ever so hard combo. In the Standard category, the winners wereJesús Évora and Fátima Morales.


The Ayuntamiento removes 12 tons of waste from the old tip in Lajares

The Ayuntamiento has removed 12 tons of waste from the Barranco de Cañada de Melián, in Lajares, an area that has been rehabilitated and closed because of illegal waste dumping. The entrance has been closed and additional fencing has been added on the perimeter in order to stop this situation, explained the ayuntamiento. The waste was taken to the Environmental Complex of Zurita, of which 400 kilos of tires and 2.400 kilos of white goods and electrical appliances that will be treated and recycled. Once the waste is removed from Barranco de Cañada de Melián and the entrance closed, this initiative will be completed by the installation of signs explaining that dumping waste there is forbidden and giving information about the local Clean Point. Lajares' Clean Point The Clean Point in Lajares is located in the Central Street (old road) and is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 9 am until 7 pm (closed on Mondays and Bank Holidays). Phone: 928 859 049. This free service from Fuerteventura's Cabildo proposes to individuals the pick up of all kinds of waste, large items such as white goods and furniture, rubble from small renovations, wood and metal or special waste such as electronic goods, batteries, etc.


Green light for the renovation of the Cultural Centre of Larajes, the Accessibility Plan in El Cotillo and the Children's Play Park in Tamaragua and Geafond

The Ayuntamiento has recently approved for the process of call for tender to start for three important projects for the municipality: the renovation of Lajares' Cultural centre, the Plan of Accessibility in El Cotillo that includes the renovation of various streets and the renovation of the children's play parks in Tamaragua and Geafond. Once the projects are approved, for a total budget of 586.398 Euros, the Ayuntamiento of La Oliva will start the pubic call for tender in order to have the work start early 2020. Regarding the planning of investments from La Oliva's Ayuntamiento, over four millions Euros worth of projects have already been approved. The rehabilitation of calle Guirre is currently underway, the channelling of rainwater and accessibility renovation in calle Playa Cho León, over sixty streets have been fixed with the asphalting plan, the main street of Vallebrón has been resurfaced, the reservoirs of Veneno and Redondo in La Oliva have been renovated and the road between Lajares and Majanicho is being re-asphalted. First phase of the Accessibility Plan in El Cotillo The first phase of the Accessibility Plan of El Cotillo consists in the creation of itineraries that are accessible in three streets of the town. In Calle Rafael that leads to the cultural centre and to the children's play park, in calles Marfolín and El Águila that lead to the postal office and to the cultural centre. The initiative includes improvements such as the widening of pavements including markings for blind people, the creation of ramps to help the transit of people with reduced mobility or the renovation and redistribution of urban furniture such as benches, waste bins and street lighting in order to be more usable by pedestrians. This initiative will be completed within six months. Renovation of the Cultural Centre in Lajares The project includes for the patio to be closed and its ventilation and the creation of channels for rainwater and the renovation of interior carpentry. The project will be completed within three months. Children's Play Park in Tamaragua and Geafond The renovation of the children's play parks in the neighbourhoods of Tamaragua and Geafond is divided into two lots. The work consists of dismantling the old equipment first and the parks will then be completely renovated with new games and urban furniture. The project will take two months to be completed.