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March 2020 2.00

The Cabildo provides space to reopen the Food Bank

Fuerteventura's Cabildo, with the Council for Social Wellbeing, managed by Víctor Alonso, together with the president of the Food Bank, Pedro Llorca, is working on a collaboration agreement “that will allow them to be more efficient when distributing food to associations on the island of Fuerteventura”, indicated the councillor. The president of the Cabildo, Blas Acosta, indicated that “this agreement will provide better management and attention to the entities that carry out the distribution, further to the increase of the demand on the island”. The president of the organisation, Pedro Llorca, informed the Cabildo's councillor that the Food Bank ended the year 2019 with 860 beneficiaries, 338 families and 122.320 kilos of food, which represent an average of 142,23 kilos per person, per year. The Councillor, Víctor Alonso, indicated that “the Cabildo will provide the use of premises for the institution in order to reopen the Food Bank in Fuerteventura”.

Ayuntamiento La Oliva