The Ayuntamiento promotes the build of official protection housing

The Ayuntamiento recently had a meeting with the director of the Canarian Institute for Housing regarding the requirements for public housing in the Municipality. During the meeting, it was confirmed that land would be made available for the build of official protection housing as well as a second allocation of the social housing that is available. The Ayuntamiento admitted that there is a high demand for public housing in the Municipality that they are unable to honour right now. The Ayuntamiento is aware of the necessity for Tuineje to have more public housing as soon as possible. This is why the Ayuntamiento also confirmed the requirement to regularise the housing that has been occupied for years and is currently in a state of legal limbo. Furthermore, they spoke of the state of preservation of the 40 houses in Gran Tarajal that were delivered in 2014 and that are in a state of disrepair, as well as the garages for those houses that still haven't been allocated.

Approval for a roof over the football ground stands in Gran Tarajal and renovation of the Municipal Auditorium

Tuineje's Ayuntamiento recently approved the installation of a new removable roof over the stands in the football ground of Gran Tarajal that will represent an investment of 110.698,64 Euros. This project is included in the investments planned by the government of over 786.000 Euros that also include the new equipment for the Local Police of 10.949,99 Euros; the adaptation of the vehicles of the Civil Protection forces for 3.437,05 Euros; the complete renovation of the Children's Play Park in avenida Paco Hierro that will be the first of various projects planned on the municipality's parks, for 155.437,85 Euros; or the renovation of the Auditorium in Gran Tarajal for 210.037,41 Euros, amongst other actions.