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March 2020 2.00

Hipólito Sánchez – Writer from Madrid resident in Fuerteventura

“I like to include environmental and social problems in my novels”

He graduated in Prehistory from Madrid's University, the city he comes from but he has lived in Fuerteventura since 1997. Hipólito Sánchez has published his fifth book because his true vocation is writing. His latest book is called “Los extraños amigos de Jack” (Jacks' strange friends) and he tells us that he hopes that it will turn into a trilogy because he already has many more ideas.

Do you manage to live from your writing?

I would love to, but it isn't possible yet, although I hope that it will be the case one day. At the moment, I am the voice on the phone that gives the appointments for the island's hospital, I work alongside my writing.

When did this book come out?

We presented it in Mainland Spain, in Madrid, Salamanca, etc., in 2019.

Was this book published in the Canary Islands?

I work with an editor from Madrid, it is the second time I use them as I had different offers before, but I chose this one.

Speaking about this book, you told us that the main theme is sadly well-known since it is based on bullying at school. Strangely, it is set up in Ireland. Why is that?

Yes, it is, I want my novels to be globaland for them to be read by various nationalities. Maybe, with the help and collaboration of the Ayuntamiento of Donegal, we might be able to get it translated into English. It is about a group of friends, two boys and one girl, who try to solve the problem avoiding violence and using the value of friendship. It takes a problem from our present society to a world of alternatives and fantasy.

You told us about the themes of your earlier books, they are all very different. Do you see yourself as a fiction writer or as a specialist on society?

I like to include environmental and social problems in my novels. I like to analyse everything and then speak about it in my books.

When did you start writing?

I started writing in 2010.

Is this book adequate for children and young people?

Yes, it can be read from 9 to 90 years old. It is a book that is studied in schools here and in Mainland Spain.

Where can we buy your book?

In Tagoror, Tuareg, etc., on the island and in any bookstore in Mainland Spain and on Amazon, etc., of course.

You told us that you have been contacted in order to have one of your books adapted for the cinema.

Yes, it is still being negotiated, I am still in touch with American producers.

And, how did an archaeologist from Madrid end up in Fuerteventura?

Love! I met and fell in love with a Majorera, we started a family, we have a daughter and I believe that this was the best decision of my life.