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Great success of the Festival Cotilleando
July, 2019 2.00

Great success of the Festival Cotilleando

The Festival Cotilleando celebrated its fourth edition in October and met great success with the public. It is estimated that around 2.000 people travelled to El Cotillo over those two days to enjoy the artistic street shows of circus, clowns, music, acrobatics, dance, handicrafts, mural painting, etc. The public enjoyed 25 shows that were produced by 35 international and local artists as well as by another 30 people from the Municipal Acrobatics School and some of the neighbours who also wanted to participate. “We are very satisfied with the response that the festival is getting. Many efforts have been made to produce a good artistic level and the feedback from the public is good. This motivates us even more to keep on working so that Cotilleando can be an even better festival for its next edition, always keeping in mind the essence of this event that is special because of the closeness of the public and the artists”, indicated the coordinator of the festival and president of TabaiBart, Stefy Faga. Festival Cotilleando 2019 The Festival Cotilleando ended this memorable fourth edition with the much-awaited Final Show that took place on El Cotillo's main square. The main artists of the programme produced a unique show that was coordinated by the artistic director Roberto Magro. The acts that the public enjoyed included the acrobatics and juggling of Claudia Franco and Cristian Trelles, the bubble sculptures and magical stories of Yuri Bussi, the Burbujero Loco, the aerial show of the suspension specialist Marta Camuffi, the juggling shows of the Peruvian Toto Juggling Paruop, or the great show called Ye Orbayu of the company de Vaques, combining tightrope walking and disrespectful humour, as well as music from Domingo Saavedra, La Familia Flotante or the violinist Marilina Dobreva.

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