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March 2020 2.00

The Lanzaloe Chess Club becomes the leader in the Canarian League of Chess

Vecindario in Gran Canaria was the chosen venue for the fifth day of the Chess Regional League of the Canarian Federation. The ten teams that participated in this Honour Division League were competing to gather points for the ranking. The forecasts mostly came through and CD Herbania lost to Fundación La Caja. During the match between Guía and Vecindario the victory went to the team the north of Gran Canaria. Ebano-Barrio managed to keep going on its positive spell and won against Grandama. Realejos lost against Fundación Cajacanarias, in second place of the ranking. The match between Lanzaloe and Roque Niquiomo went in favour of the Lanzarote team. The results were as follows: CD Herbania(FUE) 0- Fundación La Caja(GC) 4, Ebano-Barrio Nuevo Viña Nava(TF) 3 ½ - Grandama Santa Lucía(GC) ½, CA Guía 3 ½ - Ca Vecindario(GC) ½, CA Los Realejos ½ -Fundación Cajacanarias (TF) 3 ½, -Lanzaloe(LZ) 4 - CA -Roque Niquiomo(LP) 0. Here is the ranking after the end of the fifth day: 1º.-Lanzaloe 17 Points, 2º.-Fundación Cajacanarias 15,5 Points, 3º.- CA Guía 13 Points, 4º.-Ebano-Barrionuevo Viña Nava 13 Points, 5º.-Fundación La Caja 11,5 Points, 6º.-Ca Vecindario 9 Points, 7º.- Los Realejos 6,5 Points, 8º.-Grandama Santa Lucía 6,5 Points, 9º.- CD Herbania 6 Points, 10º.-Roque Niquiomo 2 Points. Results of the sixth day After six days with Lanzaloe at the head of the ranking, after beating Fundación Cajacanarias in Tenerife, the team from Tenerife occupied the second position and CA Guía,the third place. As for the other matches, Fundación La Caja faced el Roque Niquiomo as MF Alejandro Uzcátegui, Ismael Amador, Pedro Pérez and Manuel Pujales won against the club from La Palma. The battle was tough between Fundación Cajacanarias and Lanzaloe and the team from Lanzarote won in the end with GM Kurajica whereas it was a tie for MI José García Padrón against GM José Luis Fernández, Rubén Martín against MFF Adhara Rodríguez and MF Julián Morales against Álvaro González. Grandama Santa Lucía and CA Los Realejos finished on a tie, José Luis Guerrero managed to gain one point for the team santaluceño and it ended in a tie between MF Abel Carrascoso and Alexander Méndez, and Ayoze Monzón against Lara Oudeh, the point for the team from the North of Tenerife was obtained by Omar Oudeh. Ébano-Barrio Nuevo won against CA Vecindario, MF Alberto Hernández and Gabriel Pérez finished as winners whereas MF Daniel Gutiérrez finished on a tie with MF Víctor Ramírez and MF Adrián Pérez also tied with Adrián Cruz. Ca Guía also won against CD Herbania with a tight scoreboard, MI Alfredo Brito and Antonio José Rodríguez won points for the team from Gran Canaria, Oscar Iturbide obtained half a point against Ricardo Lerma while Emmanuel Montesinos won a point for the team from Fuerteventura. The results were the following: Fundación La Caja(GC) 4-Roque Niquiomo(LP) 0, Fundación Cajacanarias(TF) 1 ½-Lanzaloe(LZ) 2 ½, Grandama Santa Lucía(GC) 2- CA Los Realejos 2 , CA Vecindario(GC) 1- Ébano-Barrio Nuevo Viña Nava(TF) 3, CD Herbania 1 ½ - CA Guía 2 ½. The ranking after the sixth day were as follows: 1º.-Lanzaloe 19,5 Points, 2º.-Fundación Cajacanarias 17 Points, 3º.-Ebano-Barrionuevo Viña Nava 16 Points 4º.- CA Guía 15,5 Points, 5º.-Fundación La Caja 15,5 Points, 6º.-Ca Vecindario 10 Points, 7º.- Los Realejos 8,5 Points, 8º.-Grandama Santa Lucía 8,5 Points , 9º.- CD Herbania 7,5 Points, 10º.-Roque Niquiomo 2 Points.

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