Feaga 2017 - A shop window of the primary sector

FMHOY - Fuerteventura

RURAL WORLDThis year again, FEAGA gathered hundreds of people of all ages, who enjoyed the variety of exhibitors and discovered the rural world.
It was a great shop window for businesses of various sectors who got the opportunity to exhibit.
Many tourists and residents also came to the Fair Ground to do their shopping of local handcrafts and various food products.

Livestock Morphology prizes in nine categories
A lot of four young goats from the farm of Blas Alonso Viera won first prize in the non breeding category. The second, third and fourth places went to the farms of Las Pocitas S.L. , Pablo Ramón Rodríguez Martín and Iriome Perdomo Cerdeña, respectively.
Furthermore, a specimen from the farm of Miguel Cano Clavijo won first prize in the Canarian ewe, followed by a specimen from Tomás Cabrera and another from Agustín Castro Betancor.
On the other hand, a specimen from Tomás Cabrera was elected best ram of the Canaries, while the rams of María Belén Ramírez Monteverde and Miguel Cano Clavijo won second and third places in that category, respectively.
As for the pelibuey ewe category, Francisco Sosa Pérez won first and third place. The second prize went to Matías Hernández.
The farmers Francisco Sosa and Matías Hernández also won first and second prizes in the category pelibuey ram, respectively, while a specimen of the farmer Alfredo Perdomo Hernández won third place.

The pasteurised cured goat cheese of Guriamen, Tabefe Prize for best cheese of the Canaries
The pasteurised cured goat cheese of S.C.L. Quesos de Guriamen, in Villaverde, La Oliva, won the prize for best goat cheese of the Canaries 2017 during the 15th National Goat Cheese Contest ‘Premios Tabefe-Fuerteventura’. The cured goat cheese Guriamen made with pasteurised milk obtained 1257 points during the visual, smell and taste samplings that took place during the contest with 15 tasters from various goat cheeses’ denominations of origin, as well as university technicians and researchers and research centres who participated in the contest.

Belén Ramírez and Tomás Cabrera, win the Milk Performance contest
The livestock farmer Belén Ramírez Monteverde, from Los Lajares, won first prize in the first birth goat and individual categories. The goats managed to accumulate a total of 19650 litres in the first birth category and 11550 in the individual category.
In the first birth category, the other winners were Juan Pedro Hernández Ramos, Pedro Peña Hernández and ganaderías Las Pocitas for the second, third and fourth prizes, respectively.
In the individual category, the for the second, third and fourth prizes went to Nauzet Hernández, Ganadería La Pared and Ganadería Las Pocitas, respectively.
On the other hand, livestock farmer Tomás Cabrera, from Las Hermosas, won first prize in the adult goat category, with 28,35 litres of milk performance. The second, third and fourth prizes went to goats from the farms of Ganadería Las Pocitas, Pedro Peña Hernández and María José Carballo, respectively.
Also, seven farmers entered the manual milking contest that was won by Esteban Rodríguez with 3,9 litres in one minute.

The 32nd Edition of Feaga will take place from 12th until 15th April next year in a renovated fairground and will be regional
The 32nd edition of the Feria Agrícola, Ganadera y Experimental (Feaga) de Fuerteventura (Agricultural fair) will take place from 12th until 15th April 2018 in a renovated Fairground of Pozo Negro’s Experimental Farm and will feature a regional character. This is what was announced by the president of the Cabildo of Fuerteventura, Marcial Morales, during the closing event of Feaga 2017. Mr Morales was accompanied by the Agriculture, Livestock and Fishing councillor, Juan Estárico, and the general director of Livestock for the Canarian Government, David de Vera.

• The winner of the National Gastronomy Prize 2006, Paco Roncero, to attend Taste Fuerteventura
• The Territorial Politics' Council studies the state of preservation of the Egyptian Vulture in the Canaries
•The Frente Polisario start their tour in La Oliva in the search of support for the Saharan cause
•Youssou Ndour and The Original Wailers will be on stage in July during Fuerteventura en Música
•The Canarian Government promotes the extra virgin olive oil sector of the islands
• New equipment for the island's call centres in order to improve services
• Five wild donkeys get moved to the Experimental Farm of Pozo Negro
• La Oliva works on its tourism strategy on the German market that is picking up again in the North of Fuerteventura
• Seven women receive an award from the Cabildo and the six ayuntamientos for International Women's Day
• The refurbishment of the old Stella Canaris will start in May
• Alfonso Girón - Director of the Hotel Barceló Castillo Beach Resort
• Gregorio Benítez – Training Coordinator of Work Centres and in charge of the Relations' Department with businesses of CIFP Majada Marcial
• Aida Le Pesqueur, Margarita Bethencourt and Inés Nájera – Organisers of CONSCIENTIS - Fuerteventura
•Spring: sweeter temperatures that invite us to enjoy the night sky
• Homoeopathy treasures: Gelsemium
• Traditional Chinese Medicine (M.T.C) - How to find a good acupuncturist – part IV
•In good shape thanks to fasting - Medical advice from Doctor Bludau
• Marine plankton - The Montse Puyol - Fundación Aqua Maris
• Regular check-ups of moles to prevent skin cancer - Clinica Principal
• The Majorero cheese from Fuerteventura is amongst the best in the world
• Project to clean up the barranco of Río Cabras
• What the legend says…The Garoé tree
• The Supreme Tribunal considers that the reference rate of the IRPH is not abusive and is therefore legal. Is this sentence final?
• Greenhouses
• Police reports and false complaints