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Sushi is in!

FMHOY - Fuerteventura

GASTRONOMYA few years ago, what used to be an exotic meal for a minority became a trend and is nowadays one of the favourite options of Spanish people when enjoying a meal.
It is said that sushi means rice with vinegar in Japanese. And, in the western world, when we speak about sushi we immediately think of raw fish, this Japanese dish is made with cooked rice seasoned with rice vinegar. Depending of which one it is and what ingredients come with it, sushi is known by different names such as maki, sashimi or futomaki.
At present, sushi is one of the most distinguished dishes of Japanese gastronomy and one of the most popular meals worldwide. But what are its origins?
Like in all great stories, there are various theories. The most well known one says that the earliest reference to sushi in Japan dates back to the year 718. However, it was not until the 19th century when changes occurred and resulted in the dish that we know now. What were those changes? There are two mains ones: the introduction of the rice vinegar and the change in the rice cooking that went from steaming the rice to boiling it.

Nutritional benefits

Minimalist, surprising, healthy…Eating sushi is elegant, modern and refined, but it also has excellent nutritional benefits. As its main ingredients are rice, nori seaweed, vegetables and fish, it is the symbol of a healthy meal. This does not mean that it won’t make you put weight on, this is a false myth that many nutritionists have been refuting.
With high contents in fibre, vitamins and omega-3, it must be eaten with moderation, as like everything else in life, it is good if ingested within reason. The dry seaweed does not contain any fat and contains vitamins and high levels of iodine. As for the fish, it is well know that it contains less fat than meat and brings vitamins and minerals as well as a large quantity of omega-3. Finally vegetables used in the elaboration are also rich in vitamins and bring fibre.
To all this, we can also add the following characteristics:
-Adequate percentage between the hydrates of carbon and proteins.
-If we add wasabi, in order to add a bit of spice, we also add a large amount of vitamin C.
-Vinegar that is used to season the rice helps digestion and absorption of nutrients.
With this prestigious presentation, we can confirm that this is a dish that combines healthy fat, fibre and vitamins that is combined with a nice presentation, delicious flavours and is an actual complete and healthy meal.

Type of sushi

Depending of how sushi is presented or filled it will be known under different names. Here are the main ones:
-Maki. This is the most popular. Rice wrapped up in nori seaweed and served with various ingredients such as red tuna or salmon.
-Futomaki. Futo means large or fat. This is a maki that is thicker and larger.
-Hosomaki. This is a roll of seaweed and rice with the narrow centre filled in.
-Tekkamaki or temaki. The seaweed is shaped like a cone which is filled with a multitude of ingredients, although eggs are mostly used.
-Nigiri. Sushi without seaweed. Normally it is a little ball of rice with a thin slice of fish, shellfish or other ingredients on top.
-Sashimi. Fish that is thinly sliced and served without rice.

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